What did I accomplish in 2015?

  • Completed 5K running goal (run 5km without rest)

Complete 5K Running

  • Lose belly fat :)) (thanks to DAS Diet and Running)
  • Completed my internship at East Agile

Try to kick some balls with East Agile team

Joined StackOverflow community

  • Made myself more international by fulfilling my profile at StackOverflow, LinkedIn
  • Created a personal blog (this blog), maybe it will be a team blog later, just don't know yet
  • Participated in a Software contest "FE Sáng tạo 2015" with 4 products which got prize all:
    • Hoa Lac Market: an online marketplace for FU Student - 1st prize
    • Stop Scrolling Facebook - 3rd prize
    • FU - Helper: a real-time support service for FU - 4th prize
    • Auto Connect FU - network automation tool for FU Student - 4th prize

First prize of FE Sang Tao Contest

What haven't I done yet?

  • Hoa Lac Market - I couldn't arrange my time + my team is not good. I had to pause indefinitely.
  • Learn to design by myself - stopped because I also couldn't manage my time, at the time I work on SMAC Challenge website.
  • Complete reading book "First thing first" and "Startup Nation"